<Terms of Use> & <Privacy Policy>
<Terms of Use> & <Privacy Policy>
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Terms of Use
This Website is owned and maintained by MG Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd ("MG"). The use of this Website is subject to the following terms and conditions which you should read carefully. By using this Website or accessing any pages thereof you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. Trademarks and Copyright Copyright in all the pages, information and materials contained in this Website is owned
by MG and its affiliates unless otherwise specified. No part of these materials may be modified, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, copied, distributed or used in any other way for commercial purposes without MG's prior written consent. MG and its affiliates own the trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names published on this Website and, unless prior written consent of MG and/or its affiliates is given, the use of any such trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names will not be permitted or licensed.
Use of Information and Materials The information and materials contained in this Website are subject to change without prior notice and are not to be treated as professional advice. Links to Other Websites or Applications This Website may contain links to other Website or applications which are hosted and maintained by third parties. MG makes no representation or confirmation of the content of such applications, and does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of the information and materials on such sites. If you choose to link to such applications, it shall be deemed that you do it at your sole risk. It is recommended that you view the terms and conditions of the linked application and privacy policies prior to using the applications. Please note that links to any downloadable software applications are provided in this Website for information purposes and for your convenience only. MG is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of downloading of such software. If you want to use this Website, you are bound by Google’s Terms of Services. This Website uses Google Map’s API, so you must obey Google Privacy Policy. No Warranties The information and materials provided on this Website are for information purposes only and are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Although MG has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information and materials, MG does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, completeness, fitness for particular purpose and absence of computer virus of these information and materials and MG and its affiliates expressly disclaim liability for errors in or incompleteness of such information and materials. Limitation of Liability MG will not be liable for any damage, including but not limited to direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage, losses or expenses arising from your use of this Website or any linked websites or applications or inability to use by any party, including any damage, losses or expenses arising from any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, imperfection or computer virus, even if MG or its representatives has been advised of the possibility of such damage, losses or expenses. Privacy Statement
I - Respect of our Customer's Right to Privacy
MG realizes that the trust of our customers is our most valuable asset. We recognize that customers expect a high level of privacy and security for their personal affairs. We maintain rigorous standards and procedures in order to safeguard sensitive information entrusted to us and prevent misuse of this information. II - Information that is Collected and Retained The information that we will collect about you will depend on how you use the facilities offered by the Website. We collect, retain, and use information about you only where we believe that it will help better run our business or provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. We use such information to protect and administer your records and account; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help us design or improve our products and services; and to help us understand your financial needs so that we can provide you with superior service. We collect and retain information about you only for specific business purposes - and we will provide full disclosure to tell you why we are collecting and retaining it upon your request. Please see VIII Details of What, When, and Where Information is Collected III - Security and Privacy of Information We employ high security standards, technologies and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. We have made a significant investment in time, money and people to ensure our Website meets the highest standards. Your information remains secure because our computer systems are protected in the following ways: • Intrusion detection software Intrusion detection software is installed to enable us to be immediately alerted if any suspicious activities occur. • Automatic sign-off If you leave for idle, you will be signed off from our service automatically. This feature prevents anyone from using your account while you are away from MG Website. IV - Ensuring Accuracy of Information MG strives to ensure your account information is accurate and up to date. If you find that your account information is incomplete, inaccurate or not current, please modify on our Website or contact us via Call Center. We will investigate and respond in a timely manner. V - Disclosure of Information to External Parties We do not reveal specific information about your accounts or other personally identifiable data to external parties, unless: A. Your consent has been obtained; B. The information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by you; C. The information is provided to a reputable credit bureau or similar authorized information reporting agency; D. The disclosure otherwise is lawfully permitted or required by any relevant authority. We do not provide account or personal information to external parties for the purpose of independent telemarketing or direct mail marketing of any non-financial products or services of those companies. VI - Acceptance of and Changes to our Privacy and Security Policy This is the current MG Privacy and Security Policy. It replaces any other Privacy and Security Policy for the MG Website published to date. This is the current MG Privacy and Security Policy. MG may at any time vary the Privacy and Security Policy by publishing the varied Privacy and Security Policy on the MG Website. VII - Privacy Guidelines The following explains the security technologies we employ and your role as customer to ensure that your banking information remains secure. ID and Password After you have registered for our MG Account, you will be given a unique identifier and are required to select a password to use this service. MG knows your ID, but only you know your password. We have made significant investments to ensure your password remains secret to both internal and external parties. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account information by not sharing your ID or password with anyone, by changing your password periodically, and by remembering to sign off from the system as soon as you change your mobile phone. As part of the registration process we will ask you to supply your mobile phone number. We will use this number to send you SMS messages containing a One Time Password (OTP) as an additional protection for you when you make use of certain services – for example if you wish to add a third party to your account. If you wish to change your phone number you will need to login Website. If you no longer use the phone number and could not change number on the Website, you can call Call Center to help you. See our Contact Us Link and our MG Official Web Pages for additional information about contacting us. Third Parties and Consolidators Consolidation sites are Internet Website which offer the ability to collect all of your personal information on one Website. You may be encouraged to provide consolidation Website with your personal information, such as your Online ID, Access ID, PC Password or Online Password for Internet Banking. MG RECOMMENDS THAT CUSTOMERS NEVER PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO SUCH SITES. VIII- Details of What, When, and Where Information is Collected
Browsing Information If you visit the MG Website to read, browse or download information, our system will record the date and time of your visit to our site, the pages viewed and any information downloaded. Links to Third Party APP The MG Website may contain links to other websites or applications of third party providers of goods and services. If you have accessed Third Party APP through the MG Website, and if those third parties collect information about you, MG may also collect or have access to that information as part of our arrangements with those third parties. Third Party websites or applications should contain their own privacy policies. Third parties are responsible for informing you of their own privacy policies. If you want to use this Website, you are bound by Google’s Terms of Services. This Website uses Google Map’s API, so you must obey Google Privacy Policy.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
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